Frequently Asked Question

  1. How can I place an order?

Add to cart option is available to guest visitor and subscribed member. Once you have added the described items to your cart, follow the instructions.

Click on the shopping cart and proceed to checkout

Enter all the required information

Choose the payment method

Click the place order

  • How are the order confirmed?

You will receive the confirmation message or call directly from our representative to verify your given information and order details.

  • What does the order status matter to ?

Pre-order: an order for a product placed before it is available for purchase, in such case order will be delivered after the arrival of stock within 15 working days.

Pending: The waiting period in which the customer will receive confirmation message or call from our representative, anytime soon, after placing the order

Shipped: the point at which your order id transferred to the courier company which will deliver it at your given address 

Return: in any situation where the delivery could not be made (for example given address could not be found) then the order will be returned to the company. 

Delivered: the final stage when the customer receive their order successfully

  • What is store credit?

In case you want your order to be cancelled or if the order is cancel due to the unavailability of articles, your amount will be sore credited in your Shoes Corner account, its balance that you can redeem on your next purchase.

  •  The customer first logged into the account with credential.

After customer logged into his/her account can select any article at the checkout page she must check on “apply the store credit” the store credit will automatically redeemed  

  • Can I open the parcel at the time of delivery?

Customer can not open the parcel before the delivery of cash to the dispatch team. In case damaged / defect customers should let us know via what’s app 03248914971 or email at

  • Secure? Is my Data protected?

Shoes Corner takes customer privacy very seriously; your data is secured here.

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